Gumshara screams authenticity, the saying that great food comes from small kitchens applies to this place. Located in the Eating World food court, I would say it is hard to find if you’re a noob like me.

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Tried the Tonkotsu and Fishy broth, these guys don’t let their flavours sneak up on you. They are bold and rich, a certain shock to the system for non-ramen enthusiasts.
Great value meal: nicely cooked noodles and an egg is a necessary extra that just makes it so much better for me. The food court is a bit washed out but the ramen experience down there makes you overlook those details.


This is not the place to eat gyoza, so stick to their core offering. Texture was alright, the filing let it down.


Just a warning though, if you’re not a fan of strong flavours you might want to tell them to dilute it for you because the standard soup is mighty thick and strong. Great value ramen and N2 Gelato Extreme is just next door for dessert what’s not to like.

Would I go again?


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