Review: Grill’d II: Healthier Healthy Burgers

First post of 2015, if you had the new year’s resolution to eat healthier, you might be tempted by the newest offerings from Grill’d. Grill’d is one of my favourite fast food chains as I explained in this blog post. Time to taste healthier option from the healthy burger joint.

I really enjoyed them. The chips are chunky zucchini shaped chips similar to the classic potatoes ones. The veggie is covered in a medium thickness batter that becomes cripsy while the inside still has a bite without being mush. The smaller ones are delicious, bigger wedges have a reduced batter to zucchini ratio, making bigger ones quite bland and less cooked. Yeah I am addicted to that herbed mayo sauce! it does not go as well as the normal potatoes chips but still good.

LOW CARB SUPER BUN $1.50 extra

Probably the worst thing that has come out a Grill’d kitchen. Yes it might be low carb but it does not fulfill its purpose. The thin pancake does not hold the contents of the burger and within a bite, it tore leaving a bunch of ingredients on a plate. This was the first time that I had to use a knife and fork at Grill’d. Adding insult to injury is to pay $1.50 extra where having no bun would have been better. If they want to keep this option, make a wrap or pocket shape and make the low carb bun more elastic or thicker.


The low carb bun is a failure for me, just a marketing gimmick. No bun is better than having this sort of bun. On top of that $1.50 extra is very infuriating. Zucchini chips are certainly worth ordering from time-to-time. I still love you Grill’d, just hate your low carb bun.

Would I go again?


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