Review: Gelato Messina – Game of Cones Edition

This is one of my revisits at Messina, trying out all of the “Game of Cones” specials. Most of the time I find the specials the most delicious and that limited edition feeling does encourage me to pick them.

I just had to try them all, being big fan of Game of Thrones and Messina, it was a clash of two worlds that got me excited. I ordered the Misto (5 flavours), although I was a little disappointed that it was just five single scoops on a tray, nevertheless I was too eager to taste them to let that bother me.

Chocolate gelato with red wine jellies and fig custard. Big, bold and beautiful with subtle tones of pillage and plunder.

Chocolate lovers will love this one, rich dark chocolate (a little too bitter for choc-neutrals). For me, it’s just so delicious on its own. The additions of red wine jellies and custard deliver clever contrasting textures and give a lift from the bitterness.
The link to the character must be that Robert is fat (custard) and a drunk (red wine jellies) :p

Passionfruit and honey gelato with violet meringue. Delicate, untainted and pure . . .Lady Margaery will please for sure..

If you’re a fan of Passion fruit or even if you’re not, this is a so much better than just a plain Passion fruit sorbet. The flavours are as described. Probably the most yummy fruit-based gelato I tasted.

Peanut and milk chocolate gelato, with caramel brownie and salted caramel fudge. Brain like peanut butter yet with all the additions that we love, just like Hodor.

This one tastes like snickers, very peanuty – my kind of flavour. The occassional shard of brownie and fudge does make it so special.

Raspberry custard gelato smashed with raspberry SHORTbread. The only thing short about this flavour is the bread . . . and the character it was inspired by.

SHORTbread!!! This one was the least likeable of the five just like Tyrion is, although the flavour does grow on you quickly just like the character.

Yoghurt mango gelato with dragon fruit purée. Sweet mother of all dragons, a real ‘melt in your mouth’ flavour.

When eating Dragon fruit, the flavours are very subtle almost bland. Messina have intensified it to make really have a kick and combining it with mango makes it the most exotic flavour ever. Definitely worth a try while it’s there.

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Messina does not disappoint, all the flavours are well thought-out in their conception as combination flavours but also associated flavours and ingredients truly inspired by the characters in a very fun and creative way.

Would I go again?


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