Review: Four Ate Five

Which came first the address or the name? another chicken vs. the egg conversation but still very clever. Their street address is 485, that’s a good enough reason to go.

with a rich hollandaise sauce

This was my kind of Eggs Benedict with la French touch. Just like Zizou is better than Beckham, the Croissant base wins over the traditional English Muffin any day. The poached eggs were perfect, egg yolk porn moment was there. The salmon is good. The hollandaise sauce rich but slightly acidic balanced out the richness of the egg yolk and rich croissant base. Very good.

BLT $15
served on organic sourdough w/ homemade aioli, avocado and fried eggs

Good sandwich but there are better ones out there for less. The bread was good but slightly too hard for a sandwich. There are quality ingredients in it but was lacking something, overall average.


Solid second choice cafe, limited seating and slightly out of the way if you do not live in the neighbourhood it’s not worth the detour. The dishes are classic but executed well. Service is efficient and friendly. There was a queue on Saturday morning, good sign for any business. Of course finished the meal with brewnut (cronut) from Gnome across the street.

Would I go again?


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