Review: Fat Buddha – Yum Cha (QVB)

Always wanted to try out one of those Scoopon deals and marketed as “back by popular demand” I guess the current customers of this place never had anything better than these Yum Cha dishes as that would be the only excuse for trying out this pricy restaurant.
The description on the Scoopon is quite misleading as it gives a list of courses which is actually not one serving (set of 3-4 items) as you would assume but 1 item per person.

Your 10 scrumptious courses include:

  • Delicate prawn dumplings
  • Steamed dim sims
  • Delicious Shanghai style pork dumplings
  • BBQ pork OR chicken buns
  • Vegetarian dumplings
  • Crunchy chicken spring rolls
  • Vegetarian spring rolls
  • Fluffy fried rice with pork and shrimp
  • Tantalising salt and pepper calamari
  • Custard OR Mango pudding

The place at around 1:30am is half-empty with only one steam and one other fried trolley patrolling quite a big area.


The steamed dumplings were below average, where the average is frozen ones that you steam at home. The spring rolls were the only dish that stood out as quite nice, crisp and thin wrap filled with tasty chicken/veggies.


At present, you would never see Michelin Stars hanging on the wall at Fat Buddha, they are actually served on a plate as Michelin Tyre style calamari – overcooked and oversalted. They wanted to make it clear that it was seafood by salting it too much, the salt jar probably fell in or something. The batter also was so floury.


Quite bad, homemade ones are much better. Bland and missing any uniqueness.

Coconut and Mango

The mango one was quite nice for what it is. The coconut one had too much gelatine and not evenly mixed. Coconut one also had specs of black residue on top (visible if you zoomin).

P.S 2 x Vegetable Dumplings did not arrive after 1 hour 15…


Scoopon deal, on paper the deal looks good but when you realise what you get and the poor execution of Fat Buddha this must one of the worst Yum Cha in Sydney. I’m just happy I did not paid full price for this. Buddha here is not getting fat because of the abundant yummy food, it’s from eating all the left overs coming back from the dining room.

Would I go again?


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