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Expresso Warriors: All Day Cafe

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Two weeks ago, I took some family members visiting from overseas to Westfield Parramatta. Having only gone there once or twice before myself, I wasn’t any the wiser about what was good there (Is this a good time to use the expression the blind leading the blind?). I tried looking for reviews online but not a single cafe in the shopping mall had a rating over 3.5 so that didn’t inspire confidence. We finally decided to go to the new one that had caught our eye at the cinema entrance on level 4.

It is found just after Roll’d and diagonally opposite Grill’d.

Window display no 1
Window display no 2
Eggs benedict, pancakes, burgers, pastas…
Beverage menu
Dessert menu
Starbust (Strawberry, Apple, Orange & Pineapple) $6.5

This drink was a little disappointing as you could mostly only taste pineapple and orange. Those 2 fruits can be very overpowering so maybe they could rethink the proportions in which they use the different fruits. What was most puzzling about this drink is the lack(?) of strawberries. It wasn’t present in taste OR colour so either they forgot or ran out????

Pistachio thickshake (pistachio praline gelato, milk & pistachio rose crumb) $9


This was a decent pistachio thickshake but was expecting more because of the price. The “crumb” is purely for aesthetic purposes as the pistachios were neither toasted nor crunchy.

English breakfast tea $4

Super cute presentation but it takes up so much space so not very practical! When our meal finally arrived, it was awkward as the waitress had to take the wooden board away to fit the plates.

Ham, cheese & tomato toastie $6.5
Morning Hash (rustic potato rosti; topped with grilled broccolini, rocket, crispy streaky bacon and two poached eggs, dressed with salsa verde) $16

My favourite part of the dish was the potato rosti. It was super crispy and flavourful. The rocket and broccolini were nice. Bacon was definitely not crispy and there was a lot of it. Poached eggs were okay and salsa verde was under-seasoned but I guess the amount of bacon made up for it. I did enjoy the dish but what I was most disappointed about is that the food was not hot when I got it.

Overall, my experience was above average as the good service made up for what was lacking in the food department. Something caught my eye on the dessert menu that made me want to go back. So I dragged my cousin there so we could try the Dessert Board!

Knowing that we were about to have a sweet feast, we went there with empty stomachs. Just to give you an idea of how filling this dessert was, the 2 of us couldn’t finish the whole board!

Dessert Board (Ube panna cotta, deep fried oreos, a deconstructed matcha eggette topped with taro gelato and a deep fried golden gaytime coated with caramel sauce and vanilla crumble) $26

And here it is in all its glory!! It is visually magnificent and instagram-worthy.

My favourite was the golden gaytime found in the centre of the dish. It was super delicious and tasted a bit like caramel popcorn.

Second favourite has to be the matcha eggettes. It was my first time eating the eggette waffle. The centre was unexpectedly dense but the exterior was still crunchy and went really well with the taro gelato. The gelato didn’t really have a distinct taro flavour but it did taste nice.

Most disappointing item was the deep fried oreos. The batter was so dense and hard. The oreos inside were mushy.

By the time I got to eating the panna cotta, I was already at my limit so I couldn’t have enjoyed it even if it was good. I had also never had ube before so I have nothing to compare the flavour to.



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I would definitely go back for the golden gaytime, eggettes and coffee. They also had a variety of fresh doughnuts in the display window the last time I was there (which they didn’t have before) which I can’t wait to try.

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