Review: Emperor’s Garden BBQ – Thomas St (Sydney)


Where to start? This is the lowest quality Chinese BBQ meat I’ve eaten in my life. Better BBQ meats can be found in Africa in my home country. The BBQ pork was tough with limited flavour. The texture was tough and full of chewy bits not fit for human consumption. I thought that was bad until I tried the roast pork, it was even tougher and so dry it made my gums bleed. The cut given was extremely lean and just a little crackling attempted to bring some flavour in but failed. On a positive note, the vegetables were cooked well. The service is what you would expect from a low class Asian restaurant.
May be I was unlucky with the cut but is that an excuse? I would be severely embarrassed to bring any guests to this place. Speak about losing face…


It’s been three years since a positive review for this place and I can confirm that there is not any change in trend for now. One of the poorest quality and lowest value Chinese I’ve had. A disgrace to Chinese cuisine and Sydney.

Would I go again?


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