donut papi handmade donuts cabramatta the usual cafe sydney

Review: Donut Papi – Sydney

Donut Papi: The Rise of the Artisan Donuts

Handmade donuts seem to be the craze in 2016. Donut Papi is one of them. I always like to support small businesses. Ordering is done online a few weeks in advance via their online store. The donuts are also available at The Usual Cafe, Cabramatta. I am thinking they are still at the proof of concept phase, well I have some feedback for them!

The good? the flavours are not as mainstream. You may find unique combinations such as Ube, Twinkies, Wasabi, etc. However the mainstream is catching up to the most popular obscure flavours.

DONUTS $5 each

donut papi handmade donuts cabramatta the usual cafe sydney

The biggest problem and it’s a deal breaker for me, is the dough. The whole foundation is flawed, it was tough. The ones without mousse/cream were dense and tasted more like bagels with icing. On the other hand, the icing was pretty good, they had the right balance of sweetness. The ones will cream were good and the dense dough was more suited to these as it acted like a thin case that wasn’t too bad in combination with the moist mousse.

One liners for each donut:


Tough dough ruined it. Matcha flavour was well balanced.

Matcha Boston

The better matcha. If you love matcha, go straight for this one. Sweetness was well balanced. Didn’t mind the dough texture as it was thin with generous mousse.

Nutella Bacon

Tough dough again, bacon and nutella actually worked well.

Ube mousse

Ube mousse was tasteless. The taro-like purple mousse tasted like whipped cream.


Not bad but not great.


The dough was either stale or their dough technique leaves much to be desired. The flavours are somewhat creative. They should go back to the drawing board as the foundation is flawed. Good luck to them but I won’t be buying.

Would I buy again?


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