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Review: Devon Cafe IV – Surry Hills

Devon Cafe, the original is on of my all-time favourites. The reasons are the great central location, cozy decor and well-executed breakfast and lunch dishes. Read all my other visits here.


Truffle sausage, pomme puree, Lamb’s fry, fried egg, onion jus

devon_cafe_da_royale The sausage was spectacular with just the right ratio of meat to fat. The puree was smooth and seasoned as per the usual Devon standard. To be honest, I had to look up Lamb’s fry but pleasantly surprised with the taste and textures. This wasn’t my favourite Devon dish but a good choice if you’re a fan of sausages and mash with a twist.


Crumbed ox-tongue, horseradish cream, kohralbi and fennel salad, pickled cucumber on brioche bun

devon cafe ogre burger devon cafe ogre burger close upThis is a constructed version of the Ogre Happy Meal. Flavour-wise its all there, magic on the taste buds. This was the first time I had tried an ox tongue burger. Similarly to the Ogre Happy Meal, the meat seemed to be slow cooked as it just melted in the mouth once released from its crumbled batter pouch. The condiments did compliment the burger and fresh brioche bun was amazing with the contents. I didn’t taste the horseradish, there wasn’t enough of it to have a kick but that must come down to personal taste. The burger does come with super peri-salt crispy chips and a rich mayonnaise dip. It doesn’t look like it but this was very filling. The only snag was that the chips weren’t served hot enough other than that it was a very good dish overall.


The magic muffin of the day with nutella and banana. Imagine the best banana bread with little pockets of chocolate showing up randomly and banana chunks here and there. Probably one of the best muffins I’ve had.


Despite expanding to a second location at Devon on Danks, the first Devon Cafe is still very consistent. Their brunch menu is still among the most creative in town. Both locations have their own unique charm and different menus. Cronuts or Cronnies are only available at this Surry Hills location on weekends.

Would I go again?


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76 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW
Review: Devon Cafe IV – Surry Hills