This is my second time (first visit here) and I have been wanting to try out this winter menu for a while now. Looking at the dinner reviews on Urbanspoon,  I just do not find the service bad. Quite the opposite, the service is the best out of the Surry Hills cafes I’ve been to. Friendly with personality and attentive, updating the tables with the status of the orders can’t ask for more really.

Miso-grilled salmon, a crunchy eel croquette, 63-degree egg and Kewpie mayo

This is my favourite dish at over here. I don’t know who are the Sakumas but I would love to have all my meals at their place. All the elements are perfect. Perfectly cooked pink salmon that just falls apart, revealing its pink succulent fleshy yet tender meaty in interior. The crunchy croquette battered to perfection with the insides revealing a sushi-rice type texture just great to soak up that egg yolk.
About that egg, why 63-degrees? because Heston said so. I did not know about this before, so tasting with no preconception of it made it a huge breakthrough in my tasting experience. I did find it the best egg that I’ve ever eaten.
The seasoning and mayo were extraordinary, strategically placed so you can add it to your salmon/egg to your personal liking. Even the salad was delicious.


Buckwheat blini, cured king salmon, salmon caviar, broccolini, sauce Mikado and poached eggs

It looks so spectacular and colourful, one of those dishes that you think twice before jumping in. This dish is not all looks but substance as well: both in terms of degustation and nutritional value. Again all the elements are prepared very nicely including the side of avocado which was perfectly seasonned.
The blini is not something you encounter everyday, this Russian pancake is thick and just right to compliment to richness of the eggs and salmon. The cured salmon was just gorgeous sliced to a nice thickness and of course the eggs delivered an egg porn moment. The broccolini brought additional texture and the caviar that explosion of saltiness in the mouth. The Mikado sauce was also great with that slight taste of mandarin did lift the dish overall with freshness and lightness.

PB & J bricoche French toast, warm banana, nutella, jam, peanut butter ice cream

So much is right about this dish, contrast in textures, temperatures and flavours. Sensory overload achieved right here! The the warm brioche fried served along with that caramelised banana with that delicious cold ice-cream could be a dessert in itself. The sprinkle of crushed peanuts and cereal gave great crunchy textures. The classic flavours of PB & J taken to the next level.


This visit even tops my first one here. The food that comes out of this kitchen is so much better other mid-range restaurants ($50-$70pp) charging up to double for the same quality. I don’t understand how some diners find Devon Cafe expensive, they should stick to $2 Maccas and $4.95 Pizza Hut (nothing wrong with that :p) and quit whining displaying their ignorance online. Very satisfied and will be back soon for the rest of the menu, no doubt about that.

Would I go again?


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