Destination Roll are a welcome addition to the North Sydney affordable lunch scene. With most lunches averaging $9, Priced at around $5, this selection of rolls offer value not often found in North Sydney. Destination Roll is a relatively new chain of Vietnamese rolls that I first tried in Cabramatta.

The first noticeable feature of these rolls is the bread. A set of baguettes were kept in the oven staging area. This ensured that the baguettes retained their crisp crust just before they are garnished.


destination roll north sydney bbq pork roll The rolls were well garnished to the brink. Overall I didn’t like the BBQ pork meat that much. It was more because of the texture rather than the flavour. The texture was like a soft tofu-like meat flavoured patty. Other than that very good roll. However I did prefer the normal pork roll.


destination roll north sydney pork roll destination roll north sydney pork roll2The bread was again excellent. The meats were more to my liking. The textures were similar to ham slices. The spiciness level is very hot so beware if you yes to chilli.


Are these the best rolls they can be, no. The foundation of excellent bread is one of the factors why I would go back. The add-ons, salads and assembly were almost faultless. The quality of the meats were not to my liking i.e I prefer chunky meat textures as opposed to overly processed here. I’m sure others might appreciate that more than me. The value is undeniable considering the options nearby.

Will I go again?


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Elizabeth Plaza, 83 Mount Street, North Sydney, Sydney

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