Review: Criniti’s (Darling Harbour)

I had this ribs craving and went straight for Hurricane’s at about 5:20pm and there was already a huge queue. Criniti’s had lots of free tables, so we decided to go in.


Despite having half the restaurant empty at that time. The “please wait to be seated” lady came across very arrogant as if she was doing me a big favour, fair enough we did not have a booking. The right thing to do instead was to welcome us with “let me see what I can do to accommodate or please make a booking at another time”. In the end, we were seated at the edge of a reserved table of 20 and were “accepted” on condition that we leave within one and a half hours (which is a huge amount of time).
One thing to note is that, the restaurant was still half-empty by the time we left.

Homemade spaghetti with mamma criniti’s meatballs, cherry tomatoes & sugo di pomodoro

Pasta was cooked al dente, the sauce was tangy and tasted very fresh. The star of the show was the delicious meatballs. Although they were classic in terms of seasoning and spicing, they were a classic done well.

veal, salame, ham, pancetta, sausage, mozzarella, origano & bbq sugo

Pizza was very delicious, smoky from the woodfire, fresh ingredients from the pantry and a balsilmic dressing over did make it delicious at first.
Why at first? the downside is that, the pizza has to be eaten fast as the dressing does make the base very soggy within 15 minutes. Veal was tender, the thinly sliced cured meats’ fat got rendered and the slightly charred ends did deliver good flavours.
Service once inside was pretty good! most waiters seem to be the real deal, that is Italiano and scanning the room. One sour note is that compulsory service charge! I do not mind tipping when they deliver good service, what if they don’t? can I get a 10% discount?


Good restaurant for big groups (6+) as they have 1+ metre long pizzas and a great bar. Not much of foodie destination, although the view on the balcony is pretty good and if you get your timing right, VIP seats for the fireworks on Saturday nights are two of the only reasons to dine here.

Would I go again?

No. Maybe just for fireworks and drinks (and may be food?).

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