Review: Cow & The Moon Artisan Gelato

Winning their world title was the push I needed to go to Cow and the Moon (C&M). They were always on my list but never made it there.The layout looks like a typical coffee shop – barista, cakes and instead of more cakes, two fridges of precious gelato. There are about a dozen small tables but with the hype at the moment, it would be better to get a cone and enjoy peacefully on the street.

The world champion coffee and Madagascan vanilla gelato base with caramelised almonds and salted caramel is a clever but calculated twist on the affogato flavour. Each element was sourced and tested until the perfect balance was found and it is not a fluke that this flavour is so addictive. This combination of ingredients is superb in every way – taste, fragrance and texture.

If you’re a fan of Turkish Delight (TD) you will love this. It has just enough TD flavour to keep it interesting and it is like eating better version of TD without the stickiness and richness in a velvety creamy base.

Beautiful flavour where the two main ingredients do compliment each other in terms of flavour and texture. If you’re a fan of figs, it is a must-have.


C&M lived up to the hype and exceeded my expectations. It is reasonably priced where a Medium includes 3 flavours at $6.50 for the quality on offer and the fact they are generous with the elements folded through – every spoon had a nut. Went lunchtime on a Saturday and there was a 5 minute queue than, I’ve heard of a 40 minute wait at night. 5-star no doubt and mandorla affogato was one of the best gelato I’ve had. The layout could be improved as with their success, long queues line up perpendicular to the display fridges making it hard to see the flavours on offer and this actually slows down service. Simple fix would be to list the flavours of the day on a large TV.

Would I go again?


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