Started well you know, my first time in Newtown and saw wow they have a creperie. I was drawn to it. Staff are ultra-friendly and genuine, the decor is industrial/chilled and very quaint.


Crepe was well cooked, if it didn’t have that side garnish it would have been very bland. Quality ingredients but it did not hit the spot. Filling was way too dry, if I did not have my coffee I wouldn’t be able to swallow anything.


The crepe texture was more elastic and not as light as the first. Fancy name for an uninspired combination. It’s just peanut butter and sliced bananas which anyone can do better at home.


I was quite disappointed as I adore my crepes! Crepes remind me of my school canteen who only used to sell cinnamon, sugar and dried coconut crepes and later on in my teens, my first bistro visits that included seafood crepes that were creamy and delicious. Maybe I set my expectations too high but objectively for the price they charge, there are so many other better alternatives and I won’t be back.

Would I go again?