Review: Chur Burger – Surry Hills

First thing to note is that staff is very welcoming and friendly. The most annoying thing is the music, if they decreased that loud noise playing in the “background”, the burgers could cost $8 with the saving they would make on electricity. The layout is made up of bar seating faces outside, normal tables of 4 and high tables for bigger groups.


Both brioche buns don’t work for me, neither the texture nor the sweetness they brought to each bite. The buns really ruined the burgers, they were borderline stale and crumbly in the mouth.

Pulled pork, Chur BBQ sauce, red slaw, fennel mayo

The protein was tough and a little bland. The mayo and sauce were way too watery with all the sauce and slaw falling out as having two movable components inside obviously made this a nightmare to eat. Bad presentation and the construction was not thought out enough.

Grilled beef, cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo, pickle

Classic combination looked really good on paper. Failed big time on delivery, although it was much better than the Pork version, it still underwhelming below par. The bad bun aggravated by the uninspired condiments made this burger very average at best. They should have fried the buns in the patty oil instead of toasting them to bits. Any sort of crispy texture is also missing here. Poor construction here considering that the place was only 10% filled up.


I don’t know if one should call these fries. Normally you would expect a very crispy outer shell and smooth and soft mash like interior. These had just the interior part of the classic recipe. So it was like eating pan-fried boiled sweet potato wedges, still somewhat enjoyable but doesn’t match my description of fries.


It’s quite sad that this was the best thing that was ordered. Smooth slightly more on the watery-side but with very intense caramel flavour and right proportion of saltiness coming through.


This is not the place to have a conversation with the overpowered music, the setting is nice with friendly service if only the chefs could have matched the front of house staff’s rating. To be honest, I had high hopes after tasting their mini burger at Taste of Sydney. Nevertheless, it is hard to be harsh on the food as it is not too overly priced at $10 a burger but I would honestly prefer to go to Grill’d. Chur Burger ain’t the best burgers in Sydney that’s for sure.

Would I go again?


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