Chocolate Del Mondo Burwood - double belgian waffles

Review: Chocolates Del Mondo (Burwood)

Chocolates Del Mondo Burwood is a chain of chocolate cafes that has come to my attention from their advertising campaigns at the movies. The Burwood branch is really easy to find as it is on the main street. The seating area consists of indoor booths and tables but also street (smoking) seating. My first impression is wow their menu is huge and they have four dozen photos of them on the wall. Everything ranging from waffles to creme brulees to smoothies, this menu will not help you if you are indecisive. In this visit, I wanted to order one thing to compare it to the competition, one less common item and a drink.


Two of our famous Belgian waffles drizzled with pure Belgian milk chocolate and served with fresh strawberries, bananas and vanilla ice-cream

Chocolate Del Mondo Burwood - double belgian wafflesTheir system is very similar to Max Brenner where everything is pre-made and reheated. The waffles were good, toasted to a good crispiness. The chocolate they use is of good quality and the fruit is very similar to what their competitors offer. Overall, this version beats Max B and Oliver Brown.


A melt in your mouth souffle that will put your choc buds in a spin, served with vanilla ice-cream

Chocolate Del Mondo Burwood - chocolate souffleI wanted the creme brulee but they did not have it despite it being early in the night. The souffle is more of a chocolate fondant, again copied from Max B. It seemed to be heated in the microwave but despite this tasted better than expected. However no one who has ever eaten a souffle would dare call this one.


Watermelon and natural sorbet

Chocolate Del Mondo Burwood - wondermelonThe drink was average, nothing to rave about. Making it a little overpriced.


Why so much comparison to Max B, because it is a copy-cat. This could be described as Max B’s better cousin with better service, more selection and better execution of its own strategy. I am not a fan of pre-made items at this price but this is still better than the likes of Max B and Oliver Brown.

Would I go again?


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258, Burwood Road, Burwood, NSW

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Decent chocolate quality
Huge menu
Not made-to-order
Lack of specials