Chinese Noodle Bar George street - braised noodle soup

Review: Chinese Noodle Bar Sydney CBD

Chinese Noodle Bar is a quite a generic name for a restaurant but it highly under-sells the handmade dishes on the menu. This north-western Chinese style restaurant is probably one of the only Halal certified Chinese places around Sydney.


Chinese Noodle Bar George street - shallot pancakeThe pancake was good taste-wise however the texture did disappoint by being too doughy.

BBQ LAMB SKEWER $2.50 each

Chinese Noodle Bar George street - lamb skewersThe lamb skewers were packed with flavour and tasted very different from traditional ‘chinese’ flavours as they were seasoned with cumin and chili pepper. After getting the meat off the hot metal rods, it tasted very similar to a kebab but with more charred bits as more of the meat is exposed to the flame. It was delicious and cheap.


Chinese Noodle Bar George street - braised noodle soupChinese Noodle Bar George street - braised noodle soupThe classic taste and texture of freshly handmade noodles is the star. The noodles were more cylindrical like spaghetti instead of the slightly flattened ones at others similar places. The noodles are cooked to a very enjoyable texture. The broth is light and flavoured with beef, tomato and onion which was quite generic. The chunky pieces of beef were quite generous. It’s a homemade style dish that could not be done at home(unless you know how to make your own noodles) if that makes sense.


Even for a restaurant of this range, it is kind of grubby and will not entice you to go in. The clumsy service might make you leave until you receive your bowl of noodles. Noodles and skewers were very good. The flat noodles also looked tempting but that’s for next time.

Would I go again?


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800, George Street, Haymarket

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Handmade noodles
Near Central Station
Great value
Clumsy service
Not that clean