chat thai westfield

Review: Chat Thai – Westfield (Sydney)

There’s a good vibe on Westfield’s top floor. The decor and fittings gives it a good energy. Having open plan kitchens is always a good sign of freshness and standards.
chat thai westfield
The curry was OK,  the lamb had the texture of tough stir fried lamb.  I wouldn’t recommend it.
As a first timer,  I thought choosing a dish that takes a whole menu page was a good idea. The mackerel fried rice was alright,  rice was at the right consistency except the main protein the mackerel: oversalted and fishy. At first yeah, I thought it’s going to grow on me. Kept trying to eat it but half a plate later gave up on it.
chat thai westfield

It certainly didn’t help that it took 30 minutes to serve fried rice after serving the curry.


I wouldn’t feed that fried rice to my dog, but my cat might like that fishy mackerel lol.

Would I go again?

Maybe I just ordered the wrong dishes. Any recommendation Chat Thai fans?

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