Review: Charlie & Co Burgers – Westfield (Sydney)

I’ve been to Charlie & Co a few times and it’s been hit and miss. Some days the burgers are fresh and other days not one element not even the bread is acceptable for that price.


This burger was average, bun was stale, patty tough and condiments non-existent. I suspect that the ingredients are not that fresh (frozen). It would be decent for $10 but certainly not $16, unmemorable and bland.


These were delicious, probably fried a few times to become this extra crispy. The Parmesan did enhance these chips exponentially. Definitely worth it if they are served like this every time.


The only reason to eat here if you’re on a shopping spree and have a huge burger crave. The other reason is that they have their own section of seating just behind the ordering counter making it easier to find a seat compare to the others in the food court. The chips are nice but their burgers are not consistent enough for a recommendation.

Would I go again?


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