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Review – Butter Sydney – Surry Hills

Butter Sydney: Drinks with chicken on the side

Less is than 100m away from Juicy Lucy is Butter, a much more modern take on fried chicken. You could call Butter – Juicy Lucy’s younger brat sibling. From the outside, you might have though that you were looking in a Platypus or Hype but Butter is primarily a casual dinning fried chicken joint with a bar that has aspirations in selling shoes.

Don’t worry, I won’t make the same mistake as the goodfood.com.au review by writing a review of Footlocker instead of talking about the food.

butter sydney surry hills fried chicken shoes sneakers

Inside, Butter seats about 30 and it was packed even on a Monday night. If you have to get with the cool kids, high bar stools are essential it seems. The mismatch between the height of the chairs and the tables was quite uncomfortable.

butter sydney surry hills fried chicken sandwich thigh piece barOrders have to be placed at the bar. Other than fried chicken, Butter’s menu included sides (corn, chips, slaw), soft serves and a collection of champagne, wine, beer and alcoholic slushies (which might sadly it’s only differentiator).

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butter sydney surry hills fried chicken sandwich thigh piece

The chicken sandwich is made of literally one piece of chicken, pickles and dashi butter. The best thing about the chicken is the skin. If you’re a fan of very crunchy skin, Butter’s fried chicken will hit the spot. While eating this other than the excellent skin, it was like eating very expensive KFC. There was a lack of any memorable flavour. This sandwich desperately needed some kind of sauce. The chicken in general was too oily. You would say that fried chicken is supposed to be oily and with a name like Butter, what would you expect? It was too much, I want to eat a couple of pieces without feeling sick. Other places achieve excellent fried chicken without those sickening post-KFC symptoms. The pickles were welcome to cut though that greasiness. Having the sandwich with the slaw is almost compulsory at these oil levels. The chicken flesh itself was cooked well but there is better out there.

Their hot sauce is said to very good. If you’re a fan of heat, the 3 piece deal is the way to go.


Just like the sneakers in the front window which are loved for style over utility, the ambience and branding of Butter quite simply overshadowed the food. Butter offers decent fried chicken and that’s the only food you should order (the sandwich was below average). It is quite a chilled and trendy place to have a drink while eating fried chicken however if you’re in search of the best fried chicken, you should relegate Butter down your list.

Would I go again?

Not out of my way.

MON to THURS – 11:30am to 10pm
FRI to SAT – 11:30am to 11:30pm
Closed Sundays

6 Hunt Street, Sydney

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