Cool and casual ambiance, most of the seating is bar sushi train style without the conveyor belt. A train would be a crime as the chefs at Busshari would surely find a train with their sushi rolls making rounds a form of torture as the sushi would not be served fresh enough to their diners.
The lighting is not too dim at the bar-seating, just enough light to let you appreciate the freshness of the food being served. If you sit deep-in towards the kitchen, you even see you sushi being assembled and even your sashimi being plated. The chefs proudly serve their dishes personally. Great touch!Quite empty on a Friday night, but then again I was out of there before 6:45pm.


Every piece plated is cut fresh and plated with so much care and precision. Great selection of seafood and fatty fish. Beautifully presented and the unusual but welcome selection of trout, scampi and scallop really proposed something different. The trout with its garlic garnish was amazing.


First time having a Kakuni so I had to look it up afterwards. At the time, it was a gut feel decision and no regrets, four cubes of tender soft pork belly slow-cooked in soy, mirin, sugar and sake served in its broth arrived. The fat is rendered to mouth melting-point. The texture of the meat itself is so succulent probably one of the best pork dishes without the crackling I had. The only thing missing was a little rice to go with it but by then I was full.

SUSHI ROLL – SPIDER $17 ($10 < 7pm)
Crispy soft shell crab

It was served so fresh that crab meat inside was still smoking with heat. Made-to-order taken to the next level. Credit to the sushi chef to assemble it that quickly, the outer sushi was sprinkled with roe to give it colour, texture and slightly salty to flavour the rice. The crab was warm inside and special, one of the best sushi roll I had. The rice is amazing, sometimes it is overlooked, but it is truly the star of the roll here. $10 before 7pm on Friday (not sure of the t&c).


Great service and truly has that authentic feel that makes you believe you’re not in Australia. The attention to detail and dedication of the chefs is contagious. Great if you have a small appetite and you could even carb load before 7pm with delicious sushi rolls made-to-order with quality ingredients otherwise it is not cheap but still good value all things considered.

Would I go again?


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