Review: Ribs & Burgers at The Star (Pyrmont)

Mini Burgers

I was expecting sliders but they were quite big almost as big as a Hungry Jack’s Whopper Jr and that’s where the resemblance stops. Ordering three different types of proteins was a test and they passed. Beef, chicken and lamb, the chicken was my favourite. They all had a distinct flavour and having a three types does make it more suspenseful. The set of three could easily satisfy two people.

ribs and burgers chipsribs and burgers onion rings

They didn’t f*** up the chips and onion rings like Charlie & Co Burgers. I liked their style of onion rings unlike the usual battered ones. These were light and had the right texture.
Also note that condiments are self-served which is quite refreshing as I usually eat my tomato sauce with some chips.
ribs and burgers pyrmont sliders


In this visit, played it safe you know, burgers are in the name and they better be good at it and they were. All the burgers were delicious and each of them had a unique taste and good value for money considering other grill restaurants in this category. The location is very good as you can end your meal with a sweet touch with the class acts in the same building like:

Gelato Messina

Would I go again?

Yes. Have to try the ribs now that the burgers are checked and to see how does it compared to Hurricane’s Grill 5 minutes away.