For me, it was the bugger project. Let me explain, firstly there was a bug was on the bread and just I had the urge to bugger off during the tasting.

I have never been to Neil Perry’s restaurants so I did not have any expectations. The place is bland, no concept, no branding whilst I know the meals have to be prepared in a Maccas style in a chain, I did not want to see the kitchen. It does not add any value for me. Ordering is exactly like Maccas and the speed is alright. The result is burgers that look assembled in a hurry but how about the taste?

Crispy free range pork belly, salted chilli, pickles, pickled slaw, and lettuce

The burger is a bunch of sliced roasted pork belly with the crackling with salad and spicy pickled slaw. The pork was tough and crackling was not crispy enough. The worst part is that the salad has too much vinegar plus more acidity coming from the pickles made it very unpleasant. What is better than this? Breadtop bun + Roast pork from Chinese BBQ + lettuce + plum sauce.

Grass fed beef, bacon, cheese, onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce and secret sauce

Bug on the bun…the end. No picked it out and soldiered on. I think the bug distraction did not influence my tasting. Even with the bug, this burger is much better than the pork. There are some issues with the burger, bread is not right and bacon is too tough: either make is soft and tender or crispy…not inbetween now it tasted like dried meat. Beef patty was good, at least that was alright.

Thrice cooked 

The chips served were completely dry, crispy yes but with no actual smooth potato consistency left. Fried to shit basically. 3 times cooked chips is a well known technique, but shouldn’t that be used on thicker chips?. Cooking thin chips like these cooked 1, 2 or 3 makes no difference just leave them in the oil for 30 minutes or until burned… if crispy is the only criteria for your chips, you will like these.


Good milkshake enjoyed it more than the meal. Served with the whipped foam, it’s of a light consistency.


After this meal, I was so underwhelmed that I had to go to Grill’d downstairs just to get a satisfying meal. The pork belly burger was terrible and the cheese and bacon was sub-standard with many issues in a simple burger. Quite simply there was no care in assembling the burgers. Happy I did not queue up for this a month ago, I would probably rate it even lower. It should have stayed a project, on paper that is.

Would I go again?


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