Located near Wynyard Station, Bowery Lane is not a place that you would drop in by chance. Within the lobby of a city-scrapper, half a level up from a barista area is an industrial themed dinning room. Industrial mostly because the pipes are visible looking at the ceiling. The sitting is cozy (the gaps are tight as cheap Asian restaurants).It was a Monday and when I ordered the NY Cheeseburger, the waiter kindly reminded me of the special: free beer with the burger meal for $20! Service overall is attentive despite them walking into my chair, it’s a little too cozy. Some people complained about not getting attention because of being under-dressed, I think they have moved on from that as there was a guy in a NBA singlet and he was eating quite happily.

Wagyu, bois bourdan, monterey jack, tomato cos, caramelised onion with fries 

The burger was the best meal of this visit, the free beer (on Mondays) is just a bonus. The beef patty has body to it, dense and cooked medium-rare. It is a classic done well, all the boxes were ticked: cheese melted, fresh and soft textured bun, good seasoning and condiments. Highly recommended.

Tahini, charred corn, baby leeks, pea shoots, sherry vinaigrette

The fish is cooked well, some of it was dry but that might be the way it was intended. The fish skin was crispy and delightful just as it should be. The garnish was a little uninspired and lacked freshness and vibrancy. There was also a lack of seasoning and distinct flavour to the dish.

Gremolata, rocket

The ribs were cooked to a succulent texture with a crisp outer layer which gave a distinct combination which is very enjoyable. The meat easily felt off the bone, but it is just too satisfying to use fingers to enjoy it fully. The greenery accompaniment did not bring much and again the seasoning was non-existent.


Bowery Lane is hard to find but has a mouth-watering menu for carnivores to remember. The concept of some dishes appeared more appealing than in reality and the overall lack of seasoning just needs to be addressed. If I’m totally honest, I would not go back if they did not have a good burger and that fact that I am still curious about the shared meat dishes.

Would I go again?


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