Review: Black Star Pastry (Newtown)

The tiny shopfront is an organised chaos for the staff with a constant queue of customers at any time of day. For new customers, some might find it cosy, others a nightmare. Not all cakes are on display, so you can only get to see a small subset of cakes before being rushed to make a decision. Hopefully this post will give you a head start with just 6 of the cakes on offer.
How it works? when you get in, stay to the right until you get served then, move left to pay. It is these sort of unwritten rules that might affect your customer experience negatively. The other major negative point is the attitude of the staff. For a small business, they can be perceived to be arrogant and not customer-oriented at all (just read the reviews on Urbanspoon – I experienced it first-hand and see where those negative comments are coming from). They are lucky that the people doing the baking show more love for their work.
Lovers of pear will love this one. The pear slice still had a good bite to them, the base was crumbly.CHOCOLATE MACADEMIA BROWNIE
Chewiness texture of a brownie without being too hard even one day after. Just a brownie but one done very well.

Crisp pastry, technically well done. The surprise is popping candy within the chocolate mixture.

The perfect creme brulee from the outside. When you bite in it, the raspberry centre is revealed. The sourness and sweetness with the crunch of the pastry and crisp caramelised brulee is very good.


Rich glossy chocolate finish, with chocolate flavours cream inside. The choux pastry was ok, pretty average with no crunch so it tasted like supermarket stock. To be fair, it was tasted at around 1pm so the pastry is pretty much dead I suspect.
with Rose Scented Cream

This cake is very photogenic and can be appreciated at any angle for different reasons. From the side, the care of assembly and thought process is amazing. The middle layer of fresh watermelon gave it the x factor, it also gave it a unique texture and also balanced with the richness of the cream whilst giving it the perfect dosage of sweetness.  The sponge gave the cake body but is still light and melted when in the mouth also a carrier of that distinct rose flavour along with the cream.
From the top, it is very pretty. Ultra glossy strawberries, flowers and pistachio that just make you want to dig in.

This is the main attraction and arguably the only valid reason to queue up. The rest were very good technically with good flavours and twists. After the strawberry watermelon cake, my second favourite is the Pear  Frangipani. The least good were the eclair and brownie. The average price is at around $8/cake.


Mixed experiences at Black Star Pastry. Which is the best cake? that’s up to personal taste, just as all good pastry shops, technically Black Star is very good. The most famous is the strawberry watermelon cake, and is the only reason most customers would put up with the temperamental below average service and lack of seating. The rest of the cakes whilst good can be substituted but still worth a visit. Another small store victim of its own success, management really needs to address the issues and scale up.

Would I go again?


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