Review: Becasse Bakery

Becasse Bakery: Westfield’s Best

This is the best patisseries that I’ve tasted so far in Sydney. Having tried their cakes a couple of times,  they have always been consistent,  consistently amazing!.
Their efforts to always ensure their standards are held high ensures that the customer will be never disappointed. So when you have that craving for a good cake you can trust Becasse to deliver.


becasse patisserie westfield sydney mille feuille

One of my favourite cakes,  it’s easy to find the Italian one or vanilla “simplified” slice. Their version didn’t have the icing on top as a grew up to like. However,  all elements that were presented were prepared faultlessly. That custard and cream layer mixed with the pastry is very hearty but refreshing.


becasse patisserie westfield sydney feuilletine
This was the first time I have ever seen this cake. It’s an instant crush, it’s sparkly golden icing is a stunner, then you look below to find its layers crispy feuilletine base, raspberry jelly and a rich chocolate layer. All those textures really make each mouthful equally blissful.


Consistent and flawless. Those are the most important in pastry, pastry is almost a science and Becasse executes classics with its own flair very well. If you have tasted better pastries in Sydney than here leave me a comment or message.

Would I go again?

Yes. Got to try them all!

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