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Beans N2 Cream (BN2C) is just opposite Home Thai if you do not fancy a dessert that contains rice and involved fruit. N2 Extreme Gelato finally has a challenger in the liquid nitrogen gelato technique category but not really, BN2C offers more choices such as muffins, cakes, milk drinks and coffee.BN2C is more than double the size of N2 with three times the seating capacity. Free wifi was advertised but I did not try it. The decor somewhat looks sterile with no personality. A mixture between a hospital and kindergarten as you can see even the logo fits that theme. So you will either find it too childish and simple, or you will relive your childwood enjoying some gelato.


Their technique is very good, the gelato is extremely light and smooth. Nothing to complain about, so let’s move on to two of their flavours.


Classic bubble gum flavour similar to Extra – classic bubble. It messes with your brain a little as it is thinking why is it so smooth and melting – it should be chewy. Starts off well, but it is really a novelty flavour that gets a little sickening about half way through.



The better one of the two. Strong banana flavour through-out with crumbed biscuit and dried banana chips?. I liked it may be just because I’m a big fan of bananas. There was more texture than the first one but some aspects could have been improved like having some some texture folded through the gelato. The banana chips were a little too thick and stuck to my teeth. Thin ones would have been better in my opinion, giving it some light crunch.


The decor and theme does not appeal to me. However it is functional, loads of seats and choice to please a variety of people. It is especially good for big groups as BN2C has too large tables and a number of bar stools facing Sussex Street. This place did not improve on the proven concept of liquid nitrogen gelato but simply offers more variety and business-wise a constant stream of customers by providing coffee and cake. Business-wise it makes sense however, BN2C just average as a food experience. If better flavour combinations are offered along with their good technique, might be worth another visit in the future.

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