The location has the wow factor, located in a vintage building with an open-air veranda at the corner of the block and it does make the place look grandiose. Although sitting outside on a windy is not too pleasant.
The waiters are not so grandiose quite the opposite. Ordered by saying the menu item in French and she did not understand, you should stick to the English name. Service is slow, believe it or not there are no table numbers nor bills brought to you.
Let me summarise my waiting time:
* 5min get attention for ordering food
* 5min get attention of waiter for bill, just for her to say, your number is 309
* 10min queue up behind people buying macaroons and other tables at the cashier
The pastries were good for sure. Eggs Benedict were second grade, $20 for that? with so little on the plate, every element should be perfect? and it wasn’t, one of the poached eggs was overcooked with solid york.


Marketed at casual fine dinning? casual as in sloppy and the only thing fine that day was the weather. Normally, I’m not a difficult customer, Baroque is not exactly cheap, small portions, ordinary service and antiquated payment system make this a brunch to forget.
Can’t charge those prices with such shitty service. 15 minutes wait to get out, I felt that they should have paid me for inconvenience. Pastry was their only saving grace otherwise would rate them a 1/5.

Would I go again?


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