Review: Awafi Charcoal Chickens (Granville)

Awafi located down the block from the more famous El-Jannah, it is a ghost town compared to the latter even if Awafi has more choice than just charcoal style chicken with garlic sauce such as pizzas, milkshakes, burgers, nuggets among others.At Awafi, the pricing is not easy to understand. I think that most of their business is take-away. The Single Deal below is $20 take-away but comes to $32 dine-in and this was not clearly displayed on their overhead panels. So when I ordered a single deal, we were asked to be seated. Only to find that the bill, in the end came to $32.

Whole chicken, med chips, medium garlic, small pickles, 1.25L drink

There’s no denying that at $20, this is an excellent deal for take home. It is also good to note that they are very generous with the garlic sauce and pickles, more than enough for one chicken. At the dine-in price, the value is questionable. The food itself was underwhelming compared to their neighbours. The chicken is slightly dryer and less tender, with a distinct lemony taste throughout, the chips not crispy, however, the garlic sauce was very similar to El Jannah’s. The interior is food court style and feels cold, and does not have that buzz but quiet instead.


Awafi is not worth a trip and definitely not good value to dine-in compared to take-away. It might be your last resort for chicken if their neighbours have long waiting times. This place was not as busy and the slow turnover of food might be affecting the quality.

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