Review: Autolyse Bakery II: Viennoiserie (Central Park) – Sydney

This is a revisit to Autolyse Bakery following my first visit in which I tasted their hot food menu. As their bread was so good on that occasion, I could not resist trying their baked items on offer.

Ham, cheese, tomato and basil baked in baguette dough

As an bread-lover, this fougasse roll intrigued me. The is my new favourite at Autolyse, simple baked bread with tasty quality ingredients, what can be better than this?

The exterior of the roll is crunchy with some really crispy parts, the inside by contrast is soft and a little doughy. This difference of texture is really yummy, now the classic combination of ham, cheese and tomato spiced with basil is just a delight. Big enough to share among two people or one if you need to carb load. Please request it to be heated, it tastes even better.


Look at those layers! super rich, buttery and flaky – all the attributes of a good croissant. The croissant came with butter and jam. However, I challenge you to add any more butter to that butter bomb, usually a third of a croissant consists of butter and you can definitely taste it, one is more than enough. I would have preferred for the croissant to be a little more browned however that is just personal taste.


This almond croissant was really good. The extra dollar is worth it if you have a sweet tooth as the pastry is stuffed with a layer of frangipane. This just tasted great, almost like a cake sandwich in between puff pastry.


The viennoiserie is of a very good level. The fougasse is quite unique and delicious as I’ve not seen that around. The items are baked on the premises and you can even watch them prepare the next batch in their open plan kitchen. There is ample indoor and outdoor seating, and a decent place to get work done or have group meetings. The free wi-fi and central location does make it an ideal stopover  or meeting point.

Would I go again?


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