Andersens of Denmark SUNDAE BASKET

Review: Andersen’s of Denmark – Potts Point


Andersens of Denmark SUNDAE BASKETThis ice cream store is stuck in the 90s. The flavours of vanilla, cookies and cream and mint chocolate chip were considered generic even then, are now considered vintage. The most disappointing thing was the waffle. They were better off serving it in a plastic cup as the waffle was so stale to the point of being inedible.


This is probably the most average ice cream shop. Stay away from the waffles and cones. Better ice cream can be found at the supermarket by the litre at these prices and Homebrand waffle cones would have been better (no offense to Homebrand). This place is the definition of a tourist trap.

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1A Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point, Sydney, NSW

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Stale waffle
Generic ice-cream flavours
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