Everything is Zumbo, I’m sure if he could every word in the shop/dine in cake train (cakes/pastries instead of sushi) would start with a Z. If you think it’s narcissistic, you’re wrong, it’s just a quirky play on words and just clever branding. The quality on offer is reasonably priced, from $2.50 Zumbarons to $9 cakes and those are the take-away prices. Seating is not a big issue as there are plenty of tables in nearby food court. There is normally a wait for the dine-in experience.


Basic roll, had lots of flavour but was cold and tough. For its defense, I bought it at 11am so might need to be reheated at home and not for immediate consumption that’s for sure.


Zumbo’s version of the trendy macaron, you know it’s trending when Chinese supermarkets try to mass produce it (cough World Square) at a cheap price and lower quality. Wide variety of flavour here, the Italian meringue technique is used here (cool article about Macaroons). With flavours always rotating, you’ll never get sick of these macaroons with their perfect crust, gooey texture and fresh filling inside.

Delicious cheesecake mousse, cheesecake puree, strawberry gel, fresh strawberries, macaron shell & morish marshmallow!
Super-sized Zumbaron with fresh fillings, great idea that worked for me.

Milk chocolate mousse, mint and Milo cremeaux, cinnamon sablé, Milo crunch and raspberry jam
Zumbo is not afraid to experiment, actively letting influences from the Sydney inspire him. The Milo cake is an example of this, Milo typically an Asian flavour is executed in a form that makes sense and in addition to quirky presentation that cake has the x-factor.

Luscious layers of chocolate sabayon mousse, malt dacquoise, almond crunch, vanilla cremeaux, malt bavarois with a decadent dark chocolate glaze and salty chocolate sable crumb. 
Chocolate lovers need to try this one, it’s so good that I won’t spoil it for you.

Passion fruit curd and pâte sucrée
This one is a personal favourite, it is the kind of cake that transports you to a different continent. The balance of acidity and sweetness is beautiful. Gelatinous top with crunchy base, just exotic and amazing and it’s the cheapest of the cakes win-win.

Apple mousse, cinnamon cheesecake, anzac biscuit, apple puree gel & yoghurt sponge.

If you like sour this is the cake for you, yoghurt and I believe granny smith apples gives it that subtle acidic taste but it’s well balanced, light and the attention to detail and presentation are amazing. It feels fresh and awakes your senses.

Apple and rhubarb with honey cinnamon granola cronut


The next pastry fad is here, almost replacing the macaron. The hybrid croissant and donut is just such a good idea. The Zonut rendition takes it to the next level, the pastry is of course perfect, feuilleté (crunchy and light outside), the filling just enough to enrich the dough and the granola topping gives that additional texture and body at each bite.

The Zonut special changes every week, keep up to date with the latest Zonut flavour on his Instagram. I would go every week just for this, although they sell out before 1-2pm.


All the cakes are technically executed to perfection for that price range. Most of the flavours are fresh and distinct. For me, it’s more a matter of choosing which flavours that I like rather than choosing based on execution. Many complain about the price, those guys are ignorant to say the least and do not know how much work is involved.

Would I go again?