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Report: Yebisu Izakaya

Yebisu tucked away inside Regent Square is a modern Japanese and tastefully decorated to match its Izakaya (sake shop/Japanese pub) theme. The menu is rich and one of the only restaurants to have an on-demand tablet ordering system. This robotic service is in order to allow more staff serving sake.

Yebisu Izakaya tablet ordering
Each table has a tablet to order and view bill!


Pork and prawn

Yebisu Izakaya gyozaThe sauce is poured into the hot plate producing sizzling sound effects and smoke of course. I would have preferred the gyoza to be more crispy on the one side, however they do serve it on an unorthodox way. The prawn was better than the pork for me.


Yebisu Izakaya fish cakeThe fish cake had texture similar to texture.


yebisu_izakaya_sydney_wagyu_beef_skewerGrilled food is one of the specialities of this place.


Yebisu Izakaya takoyakiThe takoyaki were good, one to be re-ordered.

SASHIMI MAIN (18P) $28.80

Yebisu Izakaya sashima mainThis 18-piece sashimi main was carefully presented and made of up of a fresh selection of fatty fish and scallops.

Yebisu Izakaya Sashimi main top viewCHAWANMUSHI $6.80

Yebisu Izakaya chawanmushiThis is the Japanese way of preparing steamed egg dish. I was expecting it to be more custard than solid. The soup had a good taste but the traditional flavours of dashi, soy and mirin did not come through as much.


Yebisu Izakaya sake trolleyYebisu Izakaya jozenmizunogotoshi sake Ordering sake can be done on the tablet, but friendly sake waiters push around a trolley of a selection of sake, yes just like at yum cha. The only difference is that they are much more friendly and give samples. Once the order was placed, the waiter shouted something in Japanese and rang a bell. It was much more fun than I am describing :p. I am no sake connoisseur, this cold sake was so smooth and easy to drink. It was served shot glass in a square box where it overflowed. Instructions are to skull the shot and sip the remaining sake from the square cup (drink at the corners:p).

Yebisu Izakaya delivered on its core mission of serving sake and providing a welcoming and casual after-work atmosphere. The food menu selection is vast ranging from fresh sushi, grilled foods and tapas-style dishes like takoyaki, sushi rolls and gyoza. This is place is ideal for dinners who rarely eat Japanese food as the iPad menu is interactive with photos.

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Regent Place, Shop 7-10, 501 George St Sydney, NSW 2000