Report: Zambrero: Black Rice with Amaranth Launch

Zambrero is a Quick Service Restaurant franchise that sells healthy Mexican food to support humanitarian projects in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Since being formed in 2005 by Dr Sam Prince, millions of meals have been provided to those living in poverty around the world through the Plate 4 Plate initiative.


Zambrero serves burritos, bowls, hard shell (corn) and soft (flour) shell tacos, dos capas (a hard-shelled taco wrapped in a warm soft shell), chips and dips, toasted chicken quesadillas, nachos, three typs of salsas (corn/onion/tomato), and six distinctive sauces (red chilli/garlic & herb/chipotle/verde/smoky BBQ/basilo).

with Black Rice, Amanrath, pork and misc salsa

Zambrero is providing an even healthier option to their already healthy range of Mexican menu items this Friday 12th December 2014. I have tried their popular bowl item which is basically a burrito stripped of the tortilla, perfect if you are counting calories or looking for a gluten-free option. The items can be selected subway-style and the pro tip is to ask for added crushed corn chips for extra crunch.
The powerbowl is the black rice with amaranth version that is supercharged with nutrients that also taste delicious.

“At Zambrero we strive to create Mexican food that is delicious as well as nutritious,” says General Manager Karim Messih. “It’s a misconception that all Mexican food should be on the naughty list because at Zambrero you can treat yourself to delicious Mexican meals that are healthy enough for the nice list, especially these new super nutritious Black Rice Powerbowls.”

The bowl is so very appetising and colourful. This was the pork version and the main protein was succulent and served spiced with a light chilli kick. The black rice in the corner might look unappetising for some, it is actually dark purple when cooked. However it is totally another experience from eating white or brown rice, its unique fragrance with a nutty and earthy taste is a perfect match for the other powerbowl ingredients. The texture is firm and satisfying without the bloating side-effect expected from Mexican food.
A vegetarian Powerbowl option is also available with double rice, bean and guacamole. You can order black rice with any of Zambrero’s delicious burritos/chikitos/bowls.
In my opinion, Zambrero does not offer the usual Mexican dishes that are often overloaded with too many carbs and fat that do not add that much flavour. They do however source and get inspired by authentic Mexican ingredients and flavours, from there they compose healthy and nutritious menu items that are still comparatively tastier than their competition.

The on-going Plate 4 Plate initiative is a fantastic way to give back and overall, there is just a positive vibe about the company’s mission. I would regularly eat at Zambrero just to balance out with all the tasty mostly “unhealthy”food around (on this blog :p) and they are a tastier alternative to the other more popular Mexican chains in Sydney. Looking forward to see more branches in the Sydney Area.

This ancient Mexican grain enhances flavour and is one of the most nutritious vegetable proteins.

Forbidden Foods’ black rice 
* Rich in Antioxidants – highest of all rice and the only rice with anthocyanins
* High in Iron Full of Protein High in Fibre – twice the fibre of white rice 98%
* Fat Free
* Low Glycemic Index – 42.3
* Gluten & Wheat Free
* Non-GMO

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