Report: Ichi-ban Boshi – The Galeries (Sydney)

Ichi-ban Boshi is located on level 2 of The Galleries. It is one of those Japanese restaurants that freshly make everything served on its premises. This is reflected on the dishes served at this sitting. There is ample seating and no sharing of tables here. The atmosphere is relaxed and not too loud, ideal for having a comfortable conversation.

GYOZA $6.50
Traditional pan-fried dumplings stuffed with pork and vegetables

One of the best gyoza I have eaten in a long time. Pretty much faultless from the thickness of the skins to the execution. A good gyoza is the best of both worlds that texture a soft steamed dumpling on one side with a slightly crispy and chewy fried opposite side. These gyozas were just that. The filling was superior to other Japanese restaurants in that price range and definitely tasted freshly made.

Thin slices of beef tongue with spices

The beef smelled amazing when it first arrived. The flavours were great: intense with that charred grilled flavour. Tongue is an acquired dish but if you’re a fan of that cut, the texture is quite unique. The cooking was spot on as the pieces were tender without being too rubbery.

Soy-sauce soup with egg, roast pork & vegetables

The ramen consisted of hand made noodles and you can taste that straight away, the texture gives it away. The noodles still have a bite to them just like I like them. The broth is light with decent amount of flavour however all the other ingredients are there to make the noodles shine. The noodles can be easily customised with extra toppings at additional costs such as egg, karaage, tofu or prawn tempura.

Breaded deep-fried chicken, cooked in egg and served on rice

I find this rice dish to be a very comforting plate of food and at $11, it is great value. The dish contains no aggressive textures nor flavours and certainly has that homemade feel to it. The chicken was extremely tender mixed along with the egg. The rice was well cooked: sticky and fluffy, just as it should be and could be easily eaten with chopsticks. The set also included a miso soup and fresh mini salad of crunchy lettuce.


Compared to mainstream drinks of this kind, this was moderate. The flavours are subtle and not as rich but well balanced. The most important thing to note is that the sweetness can be customised with the syrup jar as too much sugar normally ruins the taste for me.


To be honest, this is the first time I’ve had a melon flavoured drink. I easily prefer this to a cola spider. Just like a spider, the combination of that vanilla ice cream and sparkling melon drink was quite addictive.
Ichi-ban Boshi also have an Express food court/take-away place just 3 levels down with a similar menu containing their most popular dishes in case this one gets too crowded.
Thank you to Yuri from SD Marketing Global for this Japanese experience.

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