bourke street bakery north sydney

Review: Bourke Street Bakery – North Sydney

If I say pie, you think Four’N Twenty, you need to be schooled by Bourke Street Bakery.
Really hearty food, I find their pies the ultimate portable comfort food. This review is really overdue as I’ve been a big fan of theirs for a few months now. Having been regularly to two branches (Alexandria and North Sydney), the quality is identical and equality yummy.
The North Sydney branch is much smaller though and as you would expect the menu is limited compared to Alexandria but my essential favourites are there:
bourke street bakery north sydney

Beef Brisket, Red Wine & Mushroom Pie

This is my all time favourite and never seems to disappoint. The beef is cooked to perfection, swimming in the rich wine sauce with the occasional mushroom joining the party. Just delicious at $5.50, I would prefer to have this over a Hungry Jack’s Stunner Deal anyday.

Lamb, Almond & Harrisa Sausage Roll

This is the sausage roll made posh. The pastry is delicious and the meat is minced up making it smooth. The twist are the almonds that give it a little crunch for texture. Enjoyable but I still prefer their pies.
The also have bread (of course!), tartes, quiches, cakes and other seasonal specials likes soups served with their delicious bread.


If you work in North Sydney, this is probably the best place for a quick warm and comforting breakie/lunch this winter as it is only open on weekdays. Just quality and consistently good!

Would I go again?


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