Best Sydney food and the rest

I want to experience the best Sydney food

In my search of the best Sydney food, this page is a collection of the latest of the experiences sorted by rating.

Rating criteria is highly focused on the price to quality of experience ratio. Why a 5-star rating? it is pragmatic both for the reader and myself. The alternative would be to come up with a more empirical formula. This does not work as comparing restaurants is like comparing apples and oranges, I prefer to rate them as an overall experience as a value exchange but also keeping in mind the alternative options. The ratings here just mean that I would recommend a 5-Star over a 4-Star and so on.

Here is a summary of what I contributes to the quality of the experience:

  1. Quality of the ingredients
  2. Cooking technique (if the price is above average and I can do better at home, I’m going to rate it down)
  3. Overall experience of the dish (creativity, differentiation to competitors, plating, presentation)
  4. Service (only if above-average price)
  5. Decor (only if above-average price)

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